onsdag 5. august 2009


Today I decided I would go for a walk on the mountain just behind our house. It is not part of the "10 på topp", I just decided I wanted to try and reach the top anyway. It is quite a steep walk, so I never tought I would get to the top, but I actually did. Me and Maks spent four hours walking in the mountain, and we had a splendid time!!

First, a photo from my garden
Another from my garden, bluebells are one of my favourites

We met some sheep on the mountain. Lucky animals are allowed to spend all summer in this lovely place
Maks was a little tempted to chase the sheep, but thankfully he was on a leash
Me taking a break going up. I am enjoying the view
There has apparently been quite windy near the top. Here is the root of a fallen tree
Maks needs a break too
Here half the forest has fallen most likely caused by strong winds
Finally at the top, and it was quite windy!!
Maks at the top!!
View from the top
More scenery
We had just started our walk down when we met a nice man who was kind enough to take a couple of photos of me and Maks together
The other direction
This is the last bit up to the top, and it was very steep. Actually the photo does not show how steep it was. It was ok going up, but I was quite careful walking down again...

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