onsdag 5. august 2009

Kilhusåsen - 10 på topp

Today I managed to "drag" Suzana to come with me, and she actually liked it. We went to a small mountain called Kjelhusåsen. It was very woddy, and I somehow missed the mountain feeling, but still it was a nice walk.

Here I am on the way up. We had too much clothes on... It was 23 degrèes (Celcius) and sunny
Here's Suzana and Maks having a little stop
This is a crater from a German bomb dropped during WW2. The planes needed to drop some weight to save fuel, and dropped several bombs in this aera
My beautiful Maks
Maks needed some wather in the summer heat, and this travel water bowl is very handy
View from the top. Møkkelandsvannet and Kasfjord
Another Maks fhoto
Me and Maks bragging

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